How do I store my gluten free baked goods??

Gluten free baked goods have some unique problems.  You've certainly noticed that fresh baked goods especially will lose texture pretty quickly over the course of a couple days, or even sooner.  here are some tips we've found that help with storage and serving of gf items:

I find that home-made or fresh-made breads hold best if I put them in a paper bag and then put the paper bag in a plastic bag (either a ziplock or a plastic grocery bag tied at the top).  The paper bag helps to regulate the humidity better.  If you are going to eat the loaf within a 3-4 days then you can leave it out on the counter or in the fridge.  If you will take longer than that, it is best stored in the freezer.  Slice it first (if necessary) for ease of use!

I refrigerate cakes unless I know they'll be eaten within a couple of days (until recently I had two teenagers in the house!) in which case I leave it out.  Either way I put plastic wrap against the cut edges.  Most gluten free cakes will also freeze well: slice the cake and wrap the slices separately OR freeze the cake whole and then wrap it well in plastic wrap to be used for an event later.
Pies are harder - fruit pies can usually be frozen, even raw, but custard or cream pies usually cannot be frozen as it will 'break' the custard.  If it is a flour-stabilized custard or cream then you often can freeze it as the starch will help to protect the eggs, but I don't recommend it unless you know for sure what kind it is.  Generally pies don't last that long at my house though, as we all like pie for breakfast!  Just put plastic against the cut edges (exposed edges where slices have been removed) and keep it in the refrigerator.
Cookies, bars, bagels and scones I keep in the freezer, either raw or cooked, in ziplocks, again unless they'll be eaten within a few days.  The freezer keeps them from sweating and getting gummy in the bag.
When thawing stuff out of the freezer (unless you just eat it frozen!), unwrap it and let it thaw unwrapped which will keep the condensation from making it wet.  And by the way, eating a frozen brownie in the heat of August is a beautiful thing!
Did you know:  You can make biscuits or scones, freeze them raw on a tray and then bag them once they are hard.  When you're ready for a nice, hot biscuit you don't have to thaw them before baking, just put the frozen scone(s) or biscuit(s) in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes (it depends on your oven).  Fresh, hot and delicious!

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