Call or email to inquire about special orders for items or sizes not listed here: 540-987-9122;

Do It YourselfBest GF Pastry Flour

Gluten Free Pastry Flour, 8.00 per 2-pound bag: Ingredients - rice flour, arrowroot starch, tapioca flour.  This flour is free of corn, soy, potato and dairy, and is the flour blend we use for just about everything here at Triple Oak Bakery.  It also does not contain xanthan or other gums and so you may need to add some for best results.

Pizza Crust, 5.00 each:  Thin crust 10x7 oblong, tasty, partially baked for ease of use.  keep several in the freezer for emergencies!

Pie Dough, 5.00 per 9oz round: The best gluten free pastry dough you'll find anywhere, rolls like 'regular' pie dough.  Use it for both savory and sweet pastries.

Pie Crust, 6.00 each: Our fabulous pie dough pre-rolled with a fluted edge and in a disposable aluminum 9" deep dish pie pan, ready to use!



14-Layer "Smith Island Cake", 62.00 per 9" cake:  Definitely a party cake!  14 layers of moist yellow cake alternating with chocolate glaze OR alternating chocolate glaze and apricot jam.

Carrot Cake, 51.00 per 9" cake, 31.00 per 6" cake: Another classic, with rich cream cheese frosting and no nuts or weird stuff, this is the most popular cake at the bakery.

Mocha Dream Cake, 51.00 per 9" cake, 31.00 per 6" cake:  Our other best seller: deep chocolate devil's food cake with a coffee buttercream frosting.

Lemon Meringue Cake, 51.00 per 9" cake, 31.00 per 6" cake: 2 layers of delicious lemon cake with our house-made lemon curd filling and a creamy vanilla buttercream frosting.  If you prefer a little less intense lemon flavor, order our Lightly Lemon Cake: the same yummy lemon cake filled and frosted with a lemon buttercream frosting.

2-Layer Cake, your choice of flavor combinations, 61.00 per half-sheet cake, 51.00 per 9" cake, 31.00 per 6" cake: Choose Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon or Carrot cake and Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon, Coffee or Cream Cheese Frosting.

Belgian Chocolate Torte SEASONALLY AVAILABLE, 38.00 per 9" cake: A deceptively simple single layer of light and moist chocolate torte with a glaze of rich chocolate ganache.  AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 1 through APRIL 15.

Pastries, Bars & Cupcakes

Cream Puffs NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING, 10.00 per dozen: Light pâte à choux puffs filled with vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with chocolate ganache - a HUGE favorite at the bakery!baklava

Baklava, 32.00 per dozen, 87.00 per tray (4 dozen): Greek approved! A classic Mediterranean pastry: paper-thin layers of dough layered with a nut filling, the whole thing soaked in honey syrup. (available in the Washington, DC area at Lilit Cafe in Bethesda, Maryland)

Brownies, 16.00 per dozen: We make a variety of brownies here, choose cream cheese browniesfrom: Triple Chocolate, Cream Cheese or Mint Chocolate.

Cupcakes, 28.00 per dozen, minimum 1 doz of any flavor: Check out flavors on our cake menu.

Ask us about other pastries for parties



We offer a variety of pies, including: Apple or Pumpkin, 20.00 each; Pecan, Coconut Cream or Chocolate Silk, 22.00 each.


Breads & Savories

Bagels, 22.00 per dozen: If you despaired of ever eating a bagel again, weep no more! These are thebagels genuine Jewish-style boiled and baked item.  Choose from: Plain, Poppy Seed, Sesame Seed, Salt or Mixed (seeds and salt).

Biscuits, 18.00 per dozen:  We are particularly proud of our biscuits and scones.  They are most and flakey, great with butter or jam or just by themselves.  Choose from: Plain or Cheddar & Onion.

Scones out of the ovenScones, 18.00 per dozen:  For those of you unfamiliar with them, scones are like slightly sweet biscuits.  We serve them for breakfast or afternoon tea or and afterschool snack or dressed up for dessert (ice cream and strawberries, anyone?)  Choose from:  Lemon or Currant.

Oatcakes, 10.00 per 10oz bag: A traditional Scottish treat, oatcakes are a delicious flatbread/cracker.  Ours are made from certified gluten free rolled oats.  Both our flavors are great with butter, jam or cheese (try them with sharp cheddar or Stilton!).  *Please be aware that not all celiacs can tolerate oats, even the 'gluten free' ones, so be alert for symptoms.  Choose from: Original or Ginger.oatcakes with butter and jam

Quiche, 22.00 each: We are justly famed for our quiche, which is a smooth, rich savory custard tart with cheese and other delicious things.  Flavors vary, call or email to find ouw what's available.

Spanakopeta & Tiropeta, 6.00 each:  Spanakopeta and Tiropeta are wonderful Greek pastries.  Spanakopeta are filled with spinach, feta cheese and a bit of onion, garlic and lemon; Tiropeta have a filling of mixed cheeses with a bit of lemon and dill.

spanakopetaCurried Vegetable Turnovers, 23.00 per dozen: Based on traditional Indian fried pastries, ours are baked with a delicious and spiced-filled but NOT spicy-hot filling

Individual Chicken Pot Pies, 7.00 per 5" pie: a delicious, homey and satisfying pot pie, chock full of chicken, vegetables and gravy, all encased in our great, tender, flakey pastry.  THESE MUST BE ORDERED AT LEAST 5 DAYS AHEAD OF PICK UP/SHIPPING.


Chocolate Chip Cookies, 12.00 per dozen: A great version of the classic American cookie, ours are big and crisp on the edges.

Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Hearts, 14.00 per dozen: Big, flakey shortbread hearts are dipped half in chocolate for a fabulous and striking cookie, great for special occasions or just to eat with your afternoon tea

Rugelach, 10.00 per dozen: One of the most popular cookies at the bakery, this great Eastern European cookie is a spiral of dough filled with cream cheese, nuts and cinnamon sugar.

Chocolate Tea Biscuits, 8.00 per dozen: Melt-in-your-mouth chocolate butter cookies, and not too sweet.  These are in the tradition of British 'sweet biscuits'.

Walnut Tea Cookies, 10.00 per dozen: Hearty yet delicate cookie with a fabulous nutty flavor and just a hint of cardamom.

Anamarias, 3.00 per dozen: Tiny 1 1/2" shortbread cookies packed with chocolate chips and walnuts, also lightly sweet.

Forgotten Cookies, 6.00 per dozen: The cookie of my childhood, these are meringues with chocolate chips and nut pieces.  If you think you don't like meringues, think again!  Not available for shipping

Molasses Cookies, 6.00 per dozen:  A thin cookie with a big, robust molasses/ginger flavor!honey cookies and molasses crisps

Sugar Cookies, 8.00 per dozen: Another huge favorite with our customers, our cutout sugar cookies are decorated with colored sparkle sugar and are buttery and delicious.

Honey Cookies, 8.00 per dozen: Much like our sugar cookies but with a distinctive tang of honey - satisfying and delicious.

Nut Crunch Coins, 10.00 per dozen: A crisp, light cookie with the rich taste of nuts.  Just the thing to pick you up in the afternoon.