What the press are saying about Triple Oak Bakery:

"... it is as informal as an ad hoc gathering of friends and neighbors. Everybody stands around the kitchen chatting and pouring their own coffee from a large French press carafe or fetching a cup of brewing chocolate from a pretty blue pot on the stove or, best of all, making a half-and-half mix of both. To accompany the beverages, trays are laid out with cinnamon buns, chocolate espresso scones, and fresh, chewy bagels. Cream cheese, jelly, and coffee condiments are arrayed on a table, and there are a few extra chairs marshaled on the back porch, ready to be unfolded for those who wish to sit outdoors."

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"...And the apple turnover? It was delicious.  As someone who has no problem with gluten, I expected it to taste a little different or drier since it does not contain any flour. However it was perfectly moist inside with a crispy crust."  -  Rebecca Kim, Northern Virginia Magazine "Breaking the Mold"

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"Rich, creamy, decadent chocolate cake melts in the mouth like a piece of chocolate perfection. The moist taste of a morsel of a carrot cupcake slathered with cream cheese icing is wondrous. The cream filling overflows the edges of a profiterole, while the chocolate ganache topping drips on the plate." - Northern Virginia Daily Newspaper, Feb 4, 2009

 about the cream puffs: "They are feather light, filled with vanilla-flecked custard and artfully drenched in glistening Belgian chocolate" - Rappahannock News, March 11, 2010


“Personally and professionally, I recommend her food with no hesitation, the sweets are as good as those with flour. I buy it for myself” - Sylvie Rowand, a French chef and owner of Laughing Duck Gardens and Cookery

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What customers are saying about Triple Oak Bakery:

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"The desserts for Caitlin and Jeff's wedding at Panorama were amazing. The best gluten free products I have ever tasted. We had to keep telling people they were gluten free, no one believed us!

Thank you , thank you!" HJ, Virginia

"I am hooked! The best tasting GF items I've ever had... I'm always complaining about how there's no good GF bread around." LB, Virginia

 "OMG, Brooke!  It’s all more amazing than I remembered!  I’ve basically eaten these pieces of deliciousness for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and all the times in between - since the package arrived on Friday.  I even yelled at my husband for eating these gluten-free goodies, and since he can be gluten-full, I finally had to tell him hands-off!  His favorites are the crisps and the shortbread, by the way…  Anyway, just wanted to tell you how great they and you are!  I hope to show more restraint as the days go on and my supply gets lower (keeping everything is the garage freezer is little deterrent, though…), but no doubt you’ll here from me sooner than later!" - JK, Virginia

"Imagine my surprise when I received a package on my doorstep here in Fort Collins, Colorado, marked with a Sperryville, Virginia return address.  I ripped open the package to find a beautiful cake with Triple Oak’s lovely label on it, telling me the aptly named Mocha Dream Cake is gluten free.  My mom, knowing that I was eating gluten free and celebrating my birthday, had ordered this exquisite cake for me and arranged to have it shipped.  It was the best birthday gift ever!  That cake was divine.  My nine-year-old daughter’s birthday comes less than a month after mine, and when I asked her (she’s not gluten free so her choices were unlimited) what cake she wanted for her birthday, she said, “I want the kind you had.”  Triple Oak Bakery is an amazing, magical place, and Brooke and her fairies create goodies that make me wish I lived closer" - MG, Colorado

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your GF pie crusts are!  I am now your fan for life!  I have not used them for fruit pies yet as I planned, but I used a couple of them to make quiches, and them turned out fabulous.  They hold up very well, and taste great, too."  - SP, Virgina

"What a great course! Thanks a million for the info. You have given us invaluable tools for our future chef-ing!" - DH, Virginia

"I must tell you I took the last lot of Cream Puffs for dessert to my son & daughter in law's house at Thanksgiving to share and they loved them - plus my grandsons (5 and 10) did too, even the very picky 5 yr old. I was asked in a very nice way (hint, hint) if I could possibly get more, hence my Xmas request of you. Thanks to you I can now go there for Xmas dinner with my cream puffs!  It really tickles me when non-gf people enjoy gf food & ask for more!!! Who would have ever thought it?" - PR, Virginia

"Brooke's Belgian Chocolate Torte is like no other.  Although a thin slice will likely satisfy your quest for chocolate, it is not overly sweet or indulgent.  The ganache topping is the perfect blend of dark chocolate and cream.  I buy it by the slice and as a single layer cake.  It is truly a treat I look forward to.  If you must be without gluten or wheat, don't deprive yourself of this very special treat.  Makes a great gift!" - KK, Virginia

"Triple Oak Bakery is a lifesaver for those of us that crave fresh baked goods but are gluten free.  The lemon cake is to die for and the bagels are a great breakfast treat.  The fruit and lemon tartlets are another delicious entry and a good way to enjoy the seasonal fruits. The beginning level cooking classes are informative and helpful and of course you get to eat alot of great food too! Triple Oak Bakery is awesome and a long needed addition to the bakery world!" - NF, Virginia
"Although I am not a celiac, she had made my birthday cakes for the past 3 or 4 years.  All my friends lucky enough to be invited still talk about "the best cake they ever tasted."  So you don't have to be a celiac to love  Brooke's baking." - RZP, Maryland

“Brooke’s baked goods are so fresh and yummy.  I can stick to my low gluten diet and still eat good quality baked goods without having to cook them.  And as an added bonus, my husband who eats lots of gluten likes them as well.” - MW, Virginia

"I love your Bagles!!" - HE, Virginia

"AWESOME CARROT CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Let me say only that even the "boys" were "WOW". It was totally incredible... and so very much better than the normal cake stuff. What a difference gluten free makes, the more I eat it the more I know it is better for us." - GS, Virginia

"i bow to your divine inspired gourmet pastry art from my humble french upbringing that knows deep inside what good food is!....I'll be back, that's for sure!" - VA, Virginia

"Wow - I have just started tasting your treats and I am now a huge fan!  I stopped in at the new bread place in town at Warrenton - "Harvest Breads" - and I bought every last cherry tart you had there.  The next 2 days, I came back to purchase multiple apple turnovers for gifts for other gluten free friends.  I thank you for your commitment to those that can not consume wheat.  In fact...yesterday, I drove to Hay Market to purchase a gluten free cupcake for my husband for Father's Day.  I will keep spreading the word on all your products.  You are gifted in making all these treats task wonderful!  With each visit, I tell the owner how glad I am that they are carrying options as half of my family is gluten free and the other half is not." - LA, Virginia